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Thursday, May 12, 2011

This and That

This has been such a full and wonderful week!

-On Tuesday, our little man Adam turned 5...a whole handful according to a good friend of mine :) We had baked, stuffed french toast with apple topping for his breakfast, pb &j's for lunch and then tater tot casserole. (All per his request :P) After dinner, we set up the tent and had a camp-out, complete with marshmallows. It was in the 40's overnight, but we stayed warm bundled up in the tent. We had so much fun!

-On Wednesday, my sweet husband turned 34. The kiddos and I took the morning to tidy the house, then we went birthday shopping. My hubby had given me some ideas the kids could choose from, and we had lots of fun searching the stores for the items. I bought him a welder, and some parts for the antique tractor he's restoring. The kids bought him a tackle box with a bunch of tackle to put in it, a fillet knife (in case he's successful and catches some fish :) some ratchet straps for his pick-up and a hand sander. Then we rushed home and made one of his favorite dinners. Chips-n-dip & buffalo wings for the appetizer, burgers on the grill, teriyaki stir-fried veggies, salad and french bread. Dinner was wonderful, and hubby loved all of his gifts.

Then Arianna and I had to rush off to church for worship team practice. We didn't end up staying for the Wednesday night programs so we could come home and have ice cream cake with the family.

Whew! Life has been so full these last few days :) These are the times I wish I could just hit a button and make everything slow down so I can savor each of these wonderful moments. I am sooo blessed!

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