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Monday, May 9, 2011

I am so Blessed!!

I had such a wonderful Mothers Day, and it just made me even more aware of how blessed I am!

My hubby let me sleep in ('til 5:45AM) and then oldest daughters brought me breakfast & coffee in bed (cinnamon, vanilla baked oatmeal..yum!) The older girls even helped the younger kids get ready for church.

Church was wonderful. I've started teaching our older children's Sunday school, and we had a great lesson yesterday morning. (We're working on this song, that teaches the 66 books of the Bible...fun!) The music/sermon were fantastic too.

Then I was able to go pick up my 4 year old nephew and 4 month old niece and take all the kids to the park for a picnic and some fun. We had our picnic in a field next to the river, had fun exploring and watching the ducks. geese and a huge swan, and then it was time to hit the park. The kids were all well behaved and had a blast. My only one regret was not having a camera...not that I would have been able to take pictures with a little bundle in my arms! ;)

By the time I had dropped my nephew and niece off and drove home, my husband had dinner going and a cake in the oven. Even though he had already given me a bouquet of flowers (and the kids gave me a beautiful indoor hanging plant) my hubby also picked up a rose bush for me on his way home! We ate dinner in the living room, and watched the PBS Colonial House from Netflix. (Neat program, bit there has been a few times we've had to have the kids turn their heads.) The cake was a delicious treat :)

I'm spoiled rotten I tell ya!

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