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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring Rolling Into Summer...

Spring is quickly rolling into Summer in New England! We went from rainy, chilly days to beautiful, sunny and hot ones :)

With the new season, comes lots of changes for our family. Our current school year is in the process of rolling over into the new one. We have our garden planted, and now have to work on keeping up with it. Not to mention keeping up with the housework, cooking, and laundry :P Life is full!

Here's what our days are looking like now..

Wake by 5AM.
Dress and make breakfast.
Eat Breakfast and have Bible time (work on memory verses). (Daddy off to work)
Animal chores are done, and a quick tidy-up in the house.
Hang laundry outside.
Do cleaning chore of the day.
Start school around 8AM
Language Arts at each childs levels (Phonics, grammar, reading, spelling, dictation, narration, copywork etc. )
Go outside around 10AM
Nature studies, work in the garden, play in the sprinkler...have fun!
Lunch and tea time at Noon. Read-a-loud time, poetry, composer or artist study. Foreign languages too.
Science or History.
Finish up any schoolwork by 3PM
Quick tidy-up before Daddy gets home from work.
Start dinner, kids have free time.
Dinner at 5PM
After supper clean-up (which my loving kiddo's do while I get to spend some quiet time with the hubby ;)
Bring clothes in off the line, fold them and put them away. Start another load.
Showers start.
Quiet free reading until bedtime. (1-2hrs depending on the night)
Kids to bed at 8PM, Mama to bed at 9PM :)

Our laundry schedule has changed too. We start a load of laundry in the evening, and in the morning it goes out on the line. If we have towels or sheets to wash, the are washed in the morning and hung right out on the line. All of the clothes get folded and put away in the evening. This probably won't work for us when things get colder (warmer clothes are bulkier, not to mention there are more layers etc.) but for now it's been working wonderfully.

I'm much more relaxed about my house...or at least trying to be! It's a work in progress. :) My cleaning chores are;

-Monday Outdoor work (clean vehicles, mow lawn, work in perennials etc.)
-Tuesday Bathroom
-Wednesday Living Areas and floors
-Thursday Kitchen
-Friday Grocery shopping & errands or baking day
-Saturday Bedrooms

So far, this is what's been working for us! :)

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