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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesdays Tidbits...

I'm going to keep Tuesday's posting for tidbits of what may be happening in our lives :)

*We are starting to wrap up the current school year, and will be rolling right into a new one.

*The gardens are looking beautiful and we're praying for a bountiful harvest!

*The strawberries we planted last year have lots of berries that are just starting to ripen. Though we started with 50 plants, we are getting just enough each morning to have a little with our breakfast. Next year should be much better with the newest batch of 50 we've planted. (Over 100 plants with the originals and the "daughter" plants!)

*The heat has suddenly hit New England (as well as some bizarre tornadoes?!?) Tomorrow's forecast has the temp hitting 96*! If you need us, you'll find us at the lake with our schoolbooks :P

*Fishing and swimming, mowing the lawn, broody chickens, lovely perennials....I love summer!

*Changes to our blog posts...we'll be mostly photo blogging. More info to come!

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