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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Post...Elder Berry Syrup a Success!

The elder berry syrup was made up JUST in time!

Arianna came down with a virus and was sweet enough to share it with the her siblings and Mama :P I believe the virus was the "flu" because of the severe fever, headache and body aches. We have also had the stuffy/drippy noses, and coughs.

The only medicine my kids have had, has been the elder berry syrup! It has worked wonderfully for coughing. The few coughs that we do have, have been more productive. And the flavor...not bad at all ;) (I did add the brandy and can not taste or feel it at all.)

I did offer Tylenol for the fevers, but they didn't want it. They preferred the cold clothes and snuggling up on Mama and Daddy's big bed :)

I'm so encouraged by the elder berries, and excited to try other herbal remedies!

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