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Monday, August 9, 2010

Update and New Beginnings...

The past two months have passed in a kind of blur. Between my back injury, homeschooling, and just general family life, June somehow became August!

So let me begin with my back, as that has consumed the majority of the time. I have been in Physical Therapy for over a month now and am making slow progress. Between the traction and electrical stimulation, the numbness in my leg has almost completely gone away. The muscle spasms can still be very painful, but I'm learning my limitations and when it hurts...I stop lol. My left leg is much weaker and I have to watch out for uneven ground etc. (I still use a cane in those situations) I am still hoping and praying to avoid the surgery.

School is back in session!!! We began our new school year a few weeks ago and it has been a tremendous success. The mix of curriculum we came up with has really worked for our family, and all of the children have been doing wonderfully. We have fallen into a daily schedule that works and flows well.

Natural foods and living...always a work in progress! lol. Our Nutrimill grainmill is on it's last legs and I am saving for a new mill. I ordered 100lbs of pre-milled wheat flour with our last co-op order...very weird to work with commercially milled flour again. I'm slowly re-claiming my kitchen and am loving to be back in my "domain" :P

We found wonderful homes for the ducks and goats and while our little farmyard is unusually quiet, I know that it was the right thing to do. Our last chicken, sweet silkie Sally, was killed by a stray cat last week. It was so sad as she was our feathered kitty...she will be missed.

The garden provided us with lots of yummy fresh veggies...despite my absence. The only drawback was that I wasn't able to put in the second/third plantings, so the garden has almost gone by. Our strawberries bed has been overtaken by weeds and I'm trying hard not to stress about it. We can re-asses the plants next spring and replace those that need replacing.

That's about it. I'm planning on posting here weekly with information on different homesteading/homemaking topics. (And there may be general posts in between) I have several ideas for posts and as I have time will be sharing them here.

I pray that you all have had a blessed summer and are enjoying time with your families :)

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