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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Doe Permit...

It's very hard to get a doe permit in the area we hunt....there are thousands of applicants and too few permits.
Well, I got one :D I am totally psyched!

What a huge blessing, I just hope and pray my back continues to heal and I'm able to use it :)

Thank You Lord!


joe said...

You go girl. Your on the right track. I've been homesteading for years now and have become self-sufficient, you'll know what I mean and see it if you go to my site. Yes God is good and he is alive I know I talk to him everyday. I salute you for home schooling. I can tell your a child of God. God is about ready to send his son to come and get his children. Keep On !
Keep on!

Homesteading Dream said...

Amen Joe!!!