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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Modest Swimsuits...

Modesty is very important to our family for many reasons (which would be enough for a whole separate post lol.) The bottom line is that we want our daughters to grow up respecting themselves, and the bodies the Lord has blessed them with.

Swim wear has always been an issue for our girls. Most of the store-bought swimsuits are just not modest. The one-piece suits are either too high or too low cut. Even the suits with shorts just don't offer the coverage we hoped for.

This past winter, I was on a mission...a mission to find modest, comfortable, beautiful but practical swimsuits. :) Here's what we found...

(I have one as well, mine is all black with the shorts cut just past my knees and the skirt is also a bit longer)

The fabric of these suits is the same as any other bathing suit. It doesn't get heavy in the water (which could create a serious safety hazard) and they dry super quick. The huge added benefit is the extra protection from the sun.

As you can see, these suits don't hold the children back and they've had lots of fun in them :)

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Scottish Twins said...

Can you post where you got them?