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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here I am, writing about yesterday when today is about done! lol

Menu for the day:

Breakfast- Fried eggs, toast, bananas and kefir.

Lunch-Steak, sauteed w/ onions, baked potatoes and oranges.

Dinner- Meatloaf, herbed/baked sweet potatoes, green beans and corn.

Dessert was homemade brownie sundaes!

We had another wonderful day in the sun! Lots of laundry washed and hung out...it's getting to the point that I really look forward to doing laundry,....so I can go outside and hang it on the line! lol.

I now have a definite location for our strawberry bed, the herb bed, asparagus bed, Black/raspberry bushes as well as our mini orchard. It may take a few years to put in all of the plants I want (these things are expensive! lol) but it's so exciting to have a plan.

I've been reading another book called "The Self Sufficiency Handbook: A Complete Guide to Greener Living" by Alan and Gill Bridgewater. When I first purchased this book, I didn't notice the part where it said "A Complete Guide to Greener Living". I flipped through the book and noticed all the sections on animals, plants and companion planting and I was intrigued.

My goal though our little homestead is not to become more "green". I think that that is an overused word right now and it's actually become more of a fad. You're "cool" if you're green. :P

I've never been much for following trends...my goal is to be as self sufficient as possible and to be as good of a steward as I can be of the land, home and family the Lord has given me.

It makes sense to compost...we are feeding our soil so it can better feed our family.

It a makes sense to recycle, so we aren't paying for rubbish disposal and we are being better stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with if we can re-use it as many times as possible.

It makes sense to check into solar and wind power...so we can eventually live off-grid and not have to rely on government funded companies that change their prices on a whim.

It makes sense to buy organics whenever possible...they haven't had the same amount of chemicals used on them! (DO NOT BE FOOLED THOUGH...organic vegetables and fruits have still had some chemical compounds put on them...they may not be AS toxic, but they have still had some chemical exposure. )

It makes sense to buy grass-fed and free ranged meats...it's closer to the way God intended for these animals to live and so they'll have more of the nutrients that He planned.

It makes sense to garden, and raise animals for our families consumption so we can save money and still have a wonderful quality of food.

I guess the homesteading lifestyle is pretty "cool" lol.

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