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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Menu for the day:

Breakfast- Coffee cake made by Arianna (as well as some fruit and kefir)

Lunch- Was cheese, apples etc.

Dinner- Pizza made by Daddy.

(Notice that Mama didn't do ANY cooking? lol...Felt very spoiled :)

Monday, is our family's "Saturday" and our weekend started off quietly. Arianna made a yummy coffee cake for breakfast and we all enjoyed a cozy, quiet morning.

After some necessary phone calls....we all headed outside for some fun in the sun. The "men" worked on some tractors in Daddy's shop and then worked the compost piles. Us "ladies" worked on hanging some clothes out on the lines and then did some spring cleaning in the yard.

We grabbed some light foods to snack on for lunch and headed back outside.

The kids had fun riding their bicycles, scooters and a Ripstick....I had fun watching and chatting with the neighbors.

Around 6pm, my wonderful hubby made us some pizza's for dinner. The clean-up was minimal and we had a nice family evening. The kids went to bed and then hubby and I watched some television together. We watched Hoarders (oh my word!!! What a sad tv show that is :( ) and then American Pickers.

What a glorious, sunny day it was!

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