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Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday and Sunday...

I'm cheating a bit, by combining these two days...but the weekend was sooo beautiful that we didn't spend much time indoors near a computer. :)

Saturday morning we quickly got through our morning tasks and schoolwork...then headed outside for some sunshine! I brought some notebooks outside to sketch a layout of our yard. There are sooo many things we want to add, but we need to make sure there's space for it all lol.

New additions this year...I'll be ripping up our small front yard and putting in an herb/perennial garden. Where my perennials are currently will be a huge patch of strawberries. The blackberries and raspberries will run the length of one side of our yard, along a stone wall. Then there's the dwarf apple orchard....sigh...I can't wait to start all of these projects! lol. We also need to put in some additional garden space for popcorn.

My hubby had to go into work early on Saturday evening, so the kids and I worked on getting everybody bathed, and our clothes ironed and layed out for Sunday.

Sunday morning was a bit hectic...as all Sunday mornings seem to be. :P lol. The kiddos and I went to a new church and absolutely loved it. We have some wonderful friends that already attend this church, so there wasn't the "new church" feeling. It felt very much like home.

The sermon struck a major chord with me. It was on James 4:13-17 and God's will. One thing the pastor said that will stick with me always:

Yesterday is a canceled check...gone and can't be retrieved.
Tomorrow is a promissory note...we can't know that there will even be a tomorrow.
Today is cash in hand...spend it wisely.

After the morning service, this church has a family picnic downstairs...each family brings their own lunch. What a wonderful time of fellowship! Then there is a casual family service following lunch. Adam had a hard time with this one...too much sitting and no nap did not make for a well behaved child. Something to work on. :P

By the time the kids and I got home, my wonderful hubby was just waking up. We spent the afternoon relaxing and having fun together. My husband made us dinner (WOW!! yeah :) Baked chicken breast, green beans sauteed in garlic and olive oil as well as some brown basmati rice.

The kids had such a nice day that they had a hard time settling down to go to sleep. There was a LOT of giggling, storytelling etc. :) We let it go this time as it's officially our weekend and they didn't need to wake up early this morning.

And that was our Saturday and Sunday :)

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