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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Menu for the day:

Breakfast- Steel cup oats, whole wheat toast and fruit of choice. Kefir.

Lunch-Egg salad sandwiches and orange slices.

Dinner- Chili, salad with homemade dressing and cornbread (made with Kamut)

Our morning started off later than normal...we all stayed up a bit too late and so were all moving a bit slow. Morning chores were done while the oats were cooking and then we settled down to breakfast. Kitchen chores were done and then it was time to do some schoolwork.

After getting all of the kids going on their various studies, I puttered in the kitchen a bit. I started some dinner preps and then did an inventory of our dry goods. It's time to do another pantry stock-up:)

Around noon, Arianna made some egg salad sandwiches while I hung a couple of loads of clothes out on the lines. While I was outside, all of the kids came out with their sandwiches and we had a little picnic. :)

We ended up spending the afternoon outside, playing, riding bikes, and playing with our animals. The goats reeaally seem to have spring fever right now. They've been so silly and frisky lately. lol.

Then it was time to come in and work on supper. The beans were simmering in the pot and all I needed to do was make a salad, dressing, cornbread and then brown the hamburger for the chili. My hubby slept a bit later than usual, so we had a later supper and kitchen clean-up.

The kiddos desperately needed a tubby after playing all afternoon...so we lined them up and made sure everyone was clean, brushed and in fuzzy jama's for bed. :)

Early to bed...for everyone...even the Mama.. :)

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