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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Week in the Life of Me.....

I've had several requests to do another "Week in the Life of Me"....well I've held off, waiting for a "normal" week of our lives to do it in...problem is, there is NO normal week! lol. Our lives are far from perfect and every week is different.

I was thinking about it this evening...thinking maybe I'll do it next week...starting at the beginning of the week on Sunday. But on the theme of things being "abnormal", I've decided to start it tomorrow. I'll try to make a post each evening of that days activities :)

Now, an update on our vehicle situation. We purchased a beautiful, newer minivan...unfortunately it started leaking anti-freeze on the way to the inspection station so we had to bring it back for servicing (always something! lol) and hope to have it back tomorrow. In the meantime, a friend of Roy's will be taking him to work this evening. The Lord always provides..hallelujah!

Upcoming post ideas:

1.) How to menu plan and grocery shop...for healthy foods..on a budget!
2.) Why I love and recommend cast iron...and the care of it.
3.) Square foot gardening and the garden we are planning for this year. (As well as raising a greenhouse and hopefully year-round gardening in it.)
4.) Raising chicks and chickens. ( I'll be hatching and raising some more chicks soon.)
5.) Basic whole grain recipes. ( Grandma's kind of cooking...without all the hard-to-find bizarre ingredients.)
6.) Budgeting and basic money management.
7.) Holistic facials and skin care...from your fridge.

and the list goes on!

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