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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Wednesday...

Menu for the day:

Breakfast- Steel cut oats, orange slices and kefir smoothies.

Lunch- Thick slices of homemade bread with butter, cheddar cheese chunks, and apple slices.

Dinner- Sandwiches from the local sub shop.

What a day!

It began normally enough...breakfast, morning animal chores, school etc. Then I called to see if our van was ready...it wasn't :( They promised it would be ready that afternoon, so I made plans to walk over to pick it up. I was supposed to get a phone call telling me when it was ready...I never got the call. My hubby woke up around 3pm and called the shop again...it still wasn't ready...but they promised it would be ready by 5pm.

Long story short, my husband ended up walking over to get the van.

Let me back up a moment and give a little bit of history on the situation...Our van was actually purchased through a private sale. It was a family member to one of the dealership's mechanics. (If that makes sense? lol.) When we noticed there was a major antifreeze leak, we contacted the previous owner. He said he would see us in court. He wouldn't be refunding our money or fixing anything. There were many other nasty comments made (and I'm so proud of my husband for holding his temper and being logical, not emotional.) The man ended up being escorted out of the place by the police. :(

Now for the blessing in all of this...The owner of the dealership felt awful about everything, and so the work done thus far has been free. In our state, we have a used car law that states that the vehicle has to pass inspection or the previous owner needs to refund the money or repair the problems (unless the purchase price was less than $700). Luckily, my BIL is an attorney, so if this does need to go to court, we have someone to turn to. The owner of the dealership said that if we decided to sue, he would be happy to come and testify on our behalf.

The van is drivable at the moment and we are hoping to get it through inspection this afternoon. There is still a slight anti-freeze leak that my hubby will have to fix this weekend, and I've already ordered the part for him.

It's so easy to get into the "woe is me" attitude when things go wrong...and I have to admit to slipping into that mood a bit this past week... :(...but the reality is that we need to praise the Lord even when things aren't going as we'd like them too.

Think about Job...he lost everything...but he kept his eyes on the Lord and in the end, he prospered. As I've said before...Jesus conquered the grave!

Our Lord is bigger than cars, money and all the other stresses that we deal with. We need to put our trust in Him, and rest at His feet when things are hard. He never promised that life would be easy...but He has promised that He'd be with us always...even unto the end of the world.

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