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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And He Walked Away...

I pray for my husband every night when he leaves for work...for his safety at work and on the drive there and home...and that he'll have a good night in general. Well, the Lord answered my prayers this morning. My husband ended up with the third shift at work and on his way home, in the middle of a snowstorm, he had a pretty severe accident.

AS you can see...not a pretty sight!

But Praise the Lord!!

He walked away...sore, banged up and bruised...but he walked away. I'm trying to not stress about the vehicle situation..this was our only working one at the moment...but if our God can conquer the grave, He can deal with the minor issue of a vehicle. :P lol.

More in-depth posts to come...


prayzgod said...

I'm praising the Lord with you that your husband is okay. Perhaps the truck will be okay - it may only need a radiotor, which can be gotten fairly cheap from a junk yard.

Hang in there, the Great Provider is with you. :-)

Amy said...

wow. so glad he is ok. great reminder to be faithful in prayer for the safety of the ones we love!!

Homesteading Dream said...

Thank you so much ladies!

The truck is definitely fixable...and is something we will do as we can :) The frame is bent on the pick-up...as well as the whole nose of the truck. It would definately need a radiator, as well as the radiator mounts. There may be some damage to the engine/tranny...but we won't know that until we get the radiator off.

But my husband LOVES this truck and so we will definitely be fixing it. lol

Scottish Twins said...

Praise the Lord!

I'm a lurker who loves your blog :)