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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Inc...

Have you ever seen the documentary "Food Inc." ? Our family sat down to watch it recently and I have to say...it was perhaps the most thought provoking documentary that I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it...borrow it from a library and make sure you do!

****Warning**** Some parts of the documentary were kind of graphic (slaughterhouses etc.) It brought me to tears...and almost made me ill. We had our children avert their eyes a few times, but felt it was important for them to see the reality of our foods.

The Lord had already been impressing upon me that we needed to make some major changes regarding the foods we'd been eating. I've been praying about it and asking the Lord for direction.

Well...I got it....and boy was it a rude awakening...a bit of a slap in the face that my head is still spinning from.

Here are some of the changes that we are proposing to make:

-Buy all meats locally (we are blessed to have a local farm/slaughterhouse that sells grass fed/grain free meat)

-Eat more meat-less meals. (I'll try to post some of the menu's and recipes I'm planning on using.)

-Continue buying frozen vegetables instead of canned (the canned foods have concentrated amounts of bisphenol A...the toxin that can be leached from baby bottles :( )

-Grow a ginormous garden so we can freeze or can our own produce for next winter...the things we don't have room to grow, we'll buy in bulk from local produce farmers.

- Completely eradicate all processed foods from our home...we are mostly there, but there are the occasional "bad" foods that make their way in. We will not be consuming any more high fructose corn syrup etc. (Heinz ketchup....lol)

-Completely eradicate all fast foods from our diets....especially the occasional burgers. The burger "filler" is rinsed with ammonia!!!! It may be all beef...but they don't claim it's all ground meat...

-Continue buying organics whenever possible.

-Trust in the Lord to provide us with the healthy foods He's directing us to eat! :)

This is all part of the journey towards eating healthier, and being more deliberate about the choices we make each day. I'll try to keep you all posted along the way :)

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