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Friday, January 15, 2010

This Weeks Menu..

This coming week will be a real crazy one for us. My husband has just started his new hours and we're still trying to find a schedule that works for our family :P Here is our tentative schedule for this coming week (we will hopefully be back on the 2 week schedule the following week..after we figure everything out :)

We are playing with 2 different eating schedules for our family.

-The first will be to have our big, family meal in the morning with a nice breakfast, then something light for everyone at lunch. I will make a hot dinner in the evening...holding back a dish for my husband for the following nights dinner.

-The other idea is to still have breakfast together..but make it pretty early in the AM and try to have our bigger, hot meal around 11-11:30AM. Then have a light meal in the evening. I am not actually scheduling our light meal...this will be sandwiches, leftovers, fruit/cheese/bread etc. We always have fruit that is pretty much free-choice and then occasionally yogurt or cheese as a snack. The only rule is that there's no snacking if it's less than 1 hour before a mealtime.

Having said all of that, this is our schedule for the next week :)

Breakfast-Dutch Pancakes (with real maple syrup only). Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Daddy and Mama, dinner out...kids with grandparents :)

Breakfast-Stuffed, baked, french toast. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Garlic, Parmesan, baked chicken thighs, with corn, green beans, salad and homemade dressing. (We will have chocolate cupcakes and homemade ice cream for dessert...this is Karina's birthday dinner..completely her choices :P)

Breakfast-Fried eggs, ww toast, homemade breakfast sausage. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Spaghetti dinner with homemade sauce and pasta, salad with homemade dressings and fresh garlic bread.

Breakfast-Oatmeal with personal choice of toppings. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Homemade chili, and salad with homemade dressings.

Breakfast-Pumpkin pancakes. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Roasted chicken dinner, with stuffing, potatoes, carrots, and salad with homemade dressings.

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs, toast and home fries. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Split pea stew, fresh bread and salad with homemade dressings.

Breakfast-Baked oatmeal. Kefir smoothies.
Dinner-Homemade pizzas. Herb, cheese pizza dough, cheese and possibly pepperoni (for Daddy) Pineapple, onions, green peppers, broccoli etc for everyone else....on separate sections of course! lol. Salad with homemade dressings.

And that's it for this week. I don't buy a lot of extras....and I don't buy the pre-packaged foods. We just have basic, healthy foods :)

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