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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Major Praise...

I drive a 1999 Chevy Suburban with well over 200k miles. Despite the high miles, we have been blessed to have this truck and it has treated us very well. I have a very wonderful husband that has a gift with anything mechanical which really helps ;)

This past week, the children and I were mostly homebound due to faulty universal joints. Yesterday, my husband woke up early to change the universal joints on the Suburban and so today was able to run some errands.

I brought Casssidy, my 10 year old, with me as a special "Mama daughter day":)

We had such a fun "girls day" and enjoyed running several of the errands together. Then we headed to a hospital to visit a dear friend of mine who had just given birth. About 1/4 of a mile from the hospital, the truck started shaking, clunking and rattling...I thought I had a tire falling off! I more or less coasted to the hospital and called my husband to see what we should do. (The poor man didn't get to sleep until 8:30AM and I called him at 1:30PM :( )

It turns out that a bolt that he had replaced yesterday snapped...and the entire drive shaft was hanging from the bottom of the truck. If I had driven even 1 minute further, it would have fallen off completely and you can imagine the damage it could have done. We had been on a major highway going 70 mph just moments earlier...you can imagine what would have happened if it had fallen off then!

Long story short...I am so blessed to have a handy hubby and a wonderful friend that was able to tow the truck for us. God is so good and He kept us safe! And the damage done...minimal. We need to replace the universal joint and mounting bracket again...about $25 in parts. And...I was able to spend time snuggling a beautiful, new baby boy!

Hallelujah, thank you Abba!


Mindy said...

What a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness! I'm glad you guys are ok and no serious damage was done.

Melissa said...

I'm glad everyone was alright! It's absolutely amazing and wonderful to know we have God taking care of us.