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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wonderful Day at Old Sturbridge Village

We had a wonderful family day today!

This morning started with a quick trip for Arianna and I to the orthodontist. They were impressed with the movement in her teeth and how well she's been caring for them. The Dr. made some minor adjustments and we were on our way.

Back at home, my wonderful hubby had the rest of the children all ready to go and soon we were loaded into the truck and on our way!

We traveled down to Sturbridge Ma and spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village. It's an "outdoor history museum" set in an 1830's rural town. It was such a wonderful, educational day and the weather couldn't have been more perfect (thank you LORD!!!)

We were able to see the farm life, several homesteading skills, a potter, a blacksmith (who actually gave us the piece he was working on to take home with us! ) a real water-powered sawmill, gristmill and carding mill. We saw a broom-maker, historical firearms and textiles...and soooo much more!

Here are some of the pictures I took today...

All of the children on one of the stone walls around a pasture/ orchard area....

Karina helping the potter with the clay mixer....

A stagecoach being pulled by a Belgian team...we had a wonderful chat with the driver :)

Karina at the water pump...

And all three girls at the water pump...

Adam preferred to be chauffeured in the stroller today so there were less shots of him :P
If you ever have the opportunity to check out Old Sturbridge Village, I highly recommend it! We've been several times now and learned so much each time. The greatest part is that they honor homeschooling families by offering a home school discount. For homeschoolers and their families, the fee is only $7...unfortunately it's only during the school year and we missed the "official" start of the school year by a couple of days and had to pay full price. Well worth it though and I'm sure we'll go again.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE OSV! My parents had a membership when we were kids and we spent a lot of time there. I just found out about their home school discount last May and can't wait to take advantage of it this year with our kids! Thanks for the reminder!

Blessedmom said...

I have enjoyed reading through your blog. What a lovely family you have. So much great information...thank you for sharing!

In His Grace,