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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Week in the Life of Me: Saturday

Whew am I glad this is the last day of journal blogging...I have to say it's tiring to remember each evening to get on here and blog...and there are sooo many other things I've been wanting to write about but don't have the time while doing this. I guess adding a bit of my daily life to the regular blog posts I write would be a good compromise :)

I got up early for coffee and my morning Bible time. Then woke the children around 7:30am.

We were supposed to have a baked oatmeal for breakfast...unfortunately it ended up in the composter. My lovely daughter was in a hurry when she put the dishes away last night and did a haphazard job. A large pile of glass bowls fell out of the cabinet and smashed...right where I was putting the baked oatmeal into the baking pan. I didn't want to take the risk of glass shards in the oatmeal...so into the composter in went :(

I ended up making drop scones..... (ha, ha, ha...does anyone else see the irony in this? :P )

and we topped them with homemade blackberry jam. We also had eggs (from our chickens :) cantelope and strawberry kefir smoothies....
After breakfast clean-up, it was time to set up my new kefir grains in their new home....

After adding their milk and....
I also re-batched some buttermilk...here is the kefir and buttermilk fermenting....

After working with the kefir and buttermilk, it was time to pick the green and waxed beans from the garden....and then get started on dinner. We ended up having the Salisbury steak some brown rice and the fresh beans with kombucha to drink.

After my wonderful hubby left for work, my little man went down for his rest and the girls and I worked on picking up the house. We managed to get through the pick-up quickly and I started doing some nutrition research on-line (more on that later!) I've been slacking with my sourdough breads and decided to be more vigilant with it. I actually have to re-start my starter too.....I let it die about the same time my first batch of kefir grains did :( Luckily I had some rye flour in a canister in my cupboard and I started some more starter. (That doesn't sound like proper English does it? :P )

I realized I was pretty low on rye flour and I also wanted to get some more spelt and kamut grains.. so as soon as Adam woke from his rest, I piled all the munchkins into the suburban and headed to Whole Foods (45 minutes away) It was so late when we got home, that I got the two little ones right into the tub and into their jammies. Then I got our clothes ready for church tomorrow and finally got all of the grains put away...

(I found these huge containers at Walmart too :P )

Little ones are all in their beds...and now I'm going to say goodnight to you wonderful folks and head to mine :)

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