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Monday, July 27, 2009

Summertime Memories....

What are some of your sweetest, summertime memories?

For me, it was camping, smores, catching fireflies, raspberries fresh off the bush, fishing, swimming at every stop we could possibly make...I'm hoping to make some of those wonderful memories for my children :)

Unfortunately, we aren't able to really "go camping" right now. My husbands job, our animals etc. just won't allow it. So instead...we went camping in our back yard!

We have a nice, big backyard, a firepit and a huge tent we bought a couple of years ago...we bought some hotdogs and smore fixin's to go with it and presto... we were camping! :o) It was fantastic until the thunderstorm and torrential rain started....we ended up back in the house around 1AM lol. But those are all things that memories are made of.

Tomorrow, we are picking up the kids (they are spending the night with the grandparents...wow....is it quiet!!) and then we'll be taking them to a new place to go swimming and fishing.

I hope the memories we are making this summer, are as sweet for them as they are for me :)

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