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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day in the Life of Me: Friday

Fridays are always hectic for me. Very often, that is the day that I do our bigger shopping trips, errands etc. Today wasn't any different :P

I had a very hard time sleeping last night so waking up this morning was really rough. I missed my Bible time (and wow did it effect my day! ) I left the house around 8am with my neighbor Michele in tow. First we went to a Tractor Supply store (giant feed store that I purchase our Diamond dog food at.) I bought a 40lb bag of dog food for the puppies, some hoof trimmers for the goats, and a hat and magazine for my wonderful hubby.

Then we stopped to pick up some bulk items we had ordered. There is a wonderful, generous family that coordinates major wholesale orders for a bunch of families. Today, I picked up a 25lb of long grain brown rice, 25lb bag or evaporated cane juice crystals, and 2 gallons of coconut oil. I also bought a few more buckets and gamma seals for our food storage area in our kitchen. (And I was gifted with some beautiful kefir grains!! Thanks again Mary ((hugs))

So far in our storage area we have Prairie Gold hard white wheat berries, steel cut oats, rolled oats, pinto beans, Lima beans, yellow split peas, a 60lb, 5 gallon bucket of honey, the 2 gallons of coconut oil, brown rice, evaporated cane juice crystals, popcorn and 40lbs of all purpose flour (which I rarely use, but ran into a phenomenal deal on it) There are other beans, pasta etc. that I'd like to add to this area, and probably will as money and opportunity allows.

After stopping to pick up the bulk items, we went to a thrift shop and then the grocery store. Found some wonderful bargains at both places and came home happily exhausted.

Dinner was homemade bread and chicken soup I'd been working on in the crock pot. (I found a neat old crock pot at the thrift shop today to add to the one I have...they are just so awesome to use...especially in the summer!)

Since dinner, we've been working on picking up the house (it's always a bit messy when I've been gone for too long) Tomorrow will be much more in-depth cleaning :P We had homemade mac n cheese for supper and I started some baked oatmeal soaking in the fridge for tomorrows breakfast. I have some ground beef (I found for $1.69 per lb today!) that I think I'll make this with. I'm going to start some brown rice soaking tonight and I'll pick the veggies fresh in the morning (before it gets too hot)

And now, I'm going to load my little ones onto our big bed and watch Sound of Music!


yankeegal said...

Great stock pile!! We just started ours and are going by the LDS food preparation handbook. We find they are the only ones who are getting the word out, to stock pile.
Anyway, I was curious what a good price on the the cane sugar and honey would be? I am buying a 5 lb bag of cane sugar at an Amish bulk store for 6.98. I buy 2 lbs of honey for ten dollars. Are these comparable prices to what your buying you think? LMK.

Homesteading Dream said...

Hi Yankeegal!

I usually pay 25$ for 25lbs (1$ a lb) for the evaporated cane juice crystals (though I just found an even better deal...50lbs for 38$ or .76 cents a lb!) and I bought 60lbs of honey for 90$ ($1.50 per lb).

So I'd say your cane juice crystals are pretty good, but your honey may be a bit high.

It can be hard to buy in bulk...it's so much money all at once and it does take up room in your house...but boy, the overall savings are so worth it! :)Keep up the good work!