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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day in the Life of Me: Thursday

I woke up this morning around 6:30, had my coffee and Bible time (how wonderful! Jeremiah is such an incredible book...something I never realized before!) and then made breakfast. I was really looking forward to cooking on the freshly seasoned cast iron pans :) We had grilled biscuit bread with fresh jam, some of our own eggs fried up with cheddar on top, and sliced peaches. Kefir was the drink of choice :P

Arianna has riding lessons on Thursday mornings, so after breakfast we cleaned up and rushed to get everyone dressed and out the door (normally Roy keeps the other children at home, but because he was held over last night...the whole crew came along! :) I really dislike rushing...and being late! Luckily, Arianna has a wonderful and very understanding instructor ;) (Carrie, we love you!)

Carrie had Ari riding without stirrups today to work on balance.... Arianna riding Phoebe...

And while Arianna was riding, my other children were playing with Carrie's boys. David and Gregory are 3 year old twins...and Karina and Adams good buddies. They found a blueberry bush up at the farm and had fun nibbling on them.....

Adam and Dave trying to get some of the lower berries...

After Arianna was done with her barn work, it was time to go....Adam didn't want to say goodbye to Sadie! Another horse-lover in the family????

When we got home from the farm, it was almost time for dinner and my hubby was just waking up. We ended up going to a small, roadside diner for hot dogs and then my hubby left from there to go to work. The kids and I had some errands to run in a nearby town, so we headed out from there as well.

We got home around 6:30pm had a quick dinner of pumpkin bread, peanut butter and fresh homemade jelly sandwiches....and some 'bucha to drink ;)

After dinner, I spent a bit of time on the phone with my mother (which is always sooo nice!) and then we cleaned up the kitchen for the evening. The kiddos were cleaned up and snuggled into jammas...and now they are off to bed! I'm on my way there myself ;)

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