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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raw Milk and Lactose Intolerance....

Our two youngest children are lactose intolerant. When they drink pasteurized, homogenized milk, it gives them a very upset stomach and diarrhea (which was awful when they were in diapers because they had an instant, blistery, painful diaper rash. ) For the first several years, we bought Lactaid milk for the two of them.

Along our journey towards whole foods, we discovered that raw milk is the best nutritionally for our family...and the added perk is that it's also more digestible for those with lactose intolerance. Both Karina and Adam can drink raw goat or cows milk with no problems at all!

There is a lactase enzyme in the milk that breaks down lactose. This enzyme is destroyed during pasteurization.Raw milk also has probiotic bacteria, like those in yogurt and kefir, that help in digestion. These are also destroyed during pasteurization. Homogenization breaks apart the fat molecules and makes it harder for people to digest.

If you have lactose problems, consider raw milk. There is a wonderful website RealMilk.com and a good article to read is Weston Price (though I believe we need to discern for ourselves what is best for our own families, and I do believe this is a bit extreme...not every single modern cow looks like the one pictured :P)

Do your own research, and decide if raw milk might be a benefit to your family :)


The Edwards' said...

Great post! Our 2 yr old is highly sensitive to cows milk, even raw. So, we bought milk goats, and have been drinking goats' milk for almost a year now. He grew from 18 month clothing to 4t!! in 8 months time!!! we'll never go back to store bought milk again! As I'm typing this, I'm waiting on my husband to arrive with our newest farm member - a Jersey cow. :) I'm excited that I will now be able to make all of our dairy products raw, from grass fed cows!

Homesteading Dream said...

Yay!! Congrats on the new family member and may she bless your family with lots of yummy, creamy and healthy food!