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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Flies By....

Wow have these past couple of weeks been full!

Our chickies made their appearance on Oct. 15. They have been a joy and are still in the super cute, cuddly stage. Getting the surprise mix has been so much fun. We've spent lots of time trying to figure out what breeds we have. So far, we have several different colored cochins, an easter egger, and one silkie. The silkie is white, with a crossed beak and one eye a bit smaller than the other. After losing our silkie Sally, male or female, this one will be staying and has already been given the name Crissy.

The other big time gulper has been hunting. Wahoo!!! Hunting season has opened!! So far I've seen a bear and a doe. I didn't have a tag for the bear (and don't know if my bow would have been sufficient even if I had.) and the doe was out of range. The fall turkey season is only a week long (and it's this week), so I'll be focusing on gobblers. :P

I was given a 12'X15' greenhouse for my birthday a couple of years ago and we are trying to get it put up before the snow flies (or the ground freezes.) I'm going to use it to house the male chicks until the are big enough to butcher, and then I'll be putting some cold hearty greens in. I also have plans to fill some planters with herbs/greens to put on a rack in my kitchen...we'll see how that all goes!

I am once again tackling the sourdough adventure. My husband was tolerant, but not thrilled with my last attempts and so I'm determined to figure out something that is both nutritionally beneficial and tastes good too! I believe my starter was a big part of the problem the last time. This time, I'm starting 4 starters in different methods to see which one we are the happiest with...more on that later.

Our home school is on vacation!! We school throughout the summer so that we can take the late fall and holiday seasons off. We've enjoyed having the flexibility to spend more time with friends, swim at the YMCA, and hunt..of course :)

And that's it for this little update!

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