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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Primitive Arms...

The deer hunting season is coming to a close in New England. We are down to 2 more weeks of hunting and it'll be with a muzzle loader (black powder.)

There's something so cool about hunting with primitive arms...I love that we are shooting these guns in a way that people have for 100's of years (though some have chosen to add on scopes and other new-fangled contraptions. :P)

My muzzle loader is only about 10 years old. It was purchased second hand at the Kittery Trading Post in Maine, and is a very basic, .50 caliber, Thompson Center Arms Firehawk. It shoots just as accurately (if not more so) than the 12 gauge Mossberg that I've been shooting and hunting with. It takes just a few seconds longer to load than a shotgun, but is still very basic and easy to use.

I've always been a bit of a history buff...okay, well since I've been an adult I've loved history :P

(I didn't like the history taught by public schools where everything revolved around tests and memorizing dates....I wanted to learn more about the different time periods, how the people lived, what the civilization were like, what were the religious movements at that time etc. That's why I love homeschooling! :P)

Learning about primitive arms has been so interesting! The different kinds of guns, ammunition, and where they all came from.....and the greatest thing is that our children are getting lessons in history and real life.....and they don't even know it! :)

I'm hoping to be archery hunting by next season...I'm thinking we'll be studying the Native People of America next! :P

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