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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day at Home..

My hubby and I spent the day hunting yesterday with both of our fathers (as well as some close friends of my hubby's.) We were up on top of some mountains and WOW was it beautiful! The view was so worth our efforts...even though there weren't any deer harvested :P lol.

Today has been a quiet day at home. My lovely daughters and I have been busy with household tasks...including lots of laundry, 9 loaves of bread, vacuuming etc.

I started thinking about the post that Candy at Keeping the Home had made a couple of days ago...trying to figure out why there are certain tasks that some of us enjoy and others don't. Give me a dirty bathroom or kitchen to scrub and I am a happy woman! :) Very often the dirtier the task, the more I like it....but dishes, or laundry...yuck!!!

For me, the jobs that show an improvement are the most rewarding. With a bit larger than "average" family, the dishes and clothes start to pile up just as soon as I've finished with them! lol.

The Lord has really been speaking to my heart about this and I think it's time to make some changes. I'm reworking our daily tasks and am going to make a greater effort to find true joy in ALL of my daily tasks...not just the big ones :P

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