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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No-poo Update

It's been over a month since my children and I have gone "no-poo" and I figured it was time for an update.

My two younger children had absolutely no problem going no-poo. My little girl loves how silky her hair is with the baking soda/apple cider vinegar. She also loves the no-tangles after tubby time! Adam has very short hair and it always smells nice and clean...so no problems here either.

Cassidy is my wonderful 10 year old. Her hair is very similar in texture and thickness to mine. The only difference between our hair is length and curl. Cassi has a short bob for the summer and her hair is wavy but not curly (yet...just wait 'til those baby hormones get you sweetie... :) and very thick. The first two weeks of this experiment went great for Cassi...she thought it was going to be smooth sailing:P About two weeks after Cassi started using the baking soda/cider vinegar, her hair felt sticky, as if there was glue in it. The stickiness was caused by all the shampoo build-up in her hair! She worked through it in week 3 and by the beginning of week 4 it was super silky and shiny. She's loving it now!

Arianna is my sweet 11 almost 12 year old. Arianna also opted for a shorter hair cut this summer and it's about at her shoulders. Miss Ari has oily hair and skin and used to have to wash her hair daily.. I think the transition was hardest on her :( The first two weeks were the roughest..she really wanted to keep washing her hair daily (even with the bs/acv combo) but she persevered and now has the silky hair she's been wanting! She washes her hair about 3 times a week and it's working out really well.

Now my hair...I have long, thick, curly hair. My hair tends to dryness more than oiliness, so I only use the bs/acv combo about 2x's a week. The other times when I take a shower, I scrub my scalp with my fingers and rinse my hair well. My hair had the same transition that Cassidy's had...I had the sticky hair for a few days but it passed and now I'm at the silky and much more manageable stage. I could actually feel my scalps natural sebum restore itself and work it's way down my hair follicles...it would have been a neat science experiment to see under a telescope!

Our hair just smells like...well, hair! The apple cider vinegar is rinsed out thoroughly in the shower and whatever small amount of scent is left dissipates when the hair dries.

I would highly recommend going no-poo to anyone who has an interest in healthier living, frugality, and self sufficiency!


Regina said...

Kelley, how much BS do you use at a time to wash, and how much ACV do you mix with water. I tried this before but always smells like ACV and my husband began to make comments about my hair smelling bad.
Thanks, Regina

Homesteading Dream said...

Hi Regina!

I use 1 tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water (we use an old Agave syrup bottle that has a pointy tip...works great and is the perfect amount for one head) The same ratio of apple cider vinegar to water...1 table spoon of acv to 1 cup water.

The only time I can smell the acv is when I don't rinse my hair well after using it. I also rinse with cool water..not sure if that makes a difference with smell.

The first time I used it, I stuck my head under my husbands nose and asked him if I smelled like vinegar...he looked at me strangly and said " Um...no...why, did you want to?" LOL

Regina said...

Thank you so much, I'll try again.

Mrs.Garcia said...

Hello I am new here and I had a question about the no-poo that I hope you can answer.
My question is what grade of apple cider vinegar do you use? Also I have one more question that relates to the no-poo I have scalp Psoriasis
so I can only wash my hair every other day and if the tempture of the water is either too cold or too hot My Scalp Psoriasis acts up really awful! So my question relates to can you use the No-Poo on Scalp Psoriasis that you know of! Thank you for your help in this!
God Bless,