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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Week in the Life of Me: Tuesday

Today was a cool, rainy day here in New England...the perfect day for playing in the kitchen! :)

I started this morning with some coffee and my Bible...what a way to start the day! (I've been rereading in the book of Jeremiah lately.) I had 30 whole minutes of quiet. ;) It certainly didn't last once the children woke up.....the natives get really restless when their little bellies are empty and they were ready for breakfast. We had some yummy steel cut oats, fruit and kefir, and then it was time for kitchen clean-up and morning chores.

One of my project areas that I need to be working on is de-frosting and cleaning my deep freeze. So this morning, I went down to the basement to survey what was left in there that needed to be used up. I'm going to try to work most of the foods into our menu for this next week (or squeeze them into the smaller freezer underneath our fridge) but I also had 5, 2 cup portions of pumpkin puree I put up last fall that was going to be freezer burnt if not used soon. So I decided pumpkin was going to be the theme of the day :P Today is not technically my "baking day", but we'd run out of bread and with it being such a cool day, it was the perfect time to work in the kitchen.

I started up my oven at 9:30AM and didn't shut it down until 6:45PM.

Here's what I made today:

6 loaves of fresh milled whole wheat bread
(1 1/2 of which turned into toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch)
4 loaves of fresh milled whole wheat biscuit tpe of bread (quick bread excellent for breakfasts)
8 loaves of pumpkin bread made with fresh milled kamut
1 pumpkin cake made with fresh milled kamut and homemade cream cheese in the frosting
1 quart of kefir (re-batched from store bought as I managed to kill my last batch of grains :( )
1 quart of buttermilk restarted
3 homemade pizzas for dinner with fresh milled whole wheat and herb dough, and homemade sauce. (as well as fresh green beans, summer squash and salad...all from our garden)

I had lots of "help" that made things so much "easier".... at least that's what I try and tell myself when little hands are involved. :P

My parents ended up joining us for dinner and then we got to sit down and watch a movie with them. We said our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa and got the children ready for bed. Teeth and hair brushed, hands and faces washed, jammies put on....and now they are in bed....the quiet has returned!

Now it's time for me to fall into bed as well.....

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