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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Week in the Life of Me: Monday

Okay..so I'm a bit late getting this up.... :P

Monday's and Tuesday's are traditionally our family's "weekends". My husband has been blessed with a wonderful job at the railroad (he actually fixes trains) and the hours and days off can vary drastically. So yesterday was our "Saturday" and what a wonderful day it was!

We had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and melon and then got all of our gear loaded into the suburban for a trip to the lake. While Roy and the children were packing the gear into the truck, I packed up some sandwich fixings for a picnic lunch. Then I started our evening meal. I cut up some green beans and summer squash and put them in water/pots on the stove, started soaking some brown rice in my rice cooker, and started some chicken in the crock pot. Miss Cassidy dug up a bucket full of worms to use fishing, and then we were off!

And here are some pictures of the lake...

Karina, Cassidy, Arianna, Adam and Daddy...all watching the resident geese...

A picture of those geese..there are 14 geese that live at the lake and every time we've gone there, they've come over to see what we are doing. Daddy won't let us feed them though...he said it'll ruin the fishing...

Mr. Adam...

We had so much fun, swimming and fishing. Everyone had such an excellent time....and Karina caught a beautiful fish for us to take home (there were several other's caught throughout the day, but nothing else was big enough to warrant keeping.)

We stayed at the lake until all the worms were gone, the children had goosebumps and purple lips from being in the water all day, and bellies were starting to grumble for supper. Loading the truck back up took just minutes and driving home took even less time. When we got home, Roy had a message from work asking him to come in and work overtime and he decided to go. (More on this at the bottom of the post.)

It was so nice to come home to a hot meal, all ready to be go. (It only took a few minutes for the squash and beans to steam) My wonderful hubby ate dinner with us, packed up his lunchbox for work and headed out the door. He ended up working from 7:30pm last night until 3:30AM this morning.

The children helped to clean up after dinner and then we camped out on Mama and Daddy's bed to watch a few minutes of a movie. Then it was time to brush teeth, clean up and get ready for bed. I stayed up a bit later reading. I'm currently reading "What in the World is Going On? 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore" by Dr. David Jeremiah. So far, an excellent book! ) And that's it for my Monday.

~Now a note on my husband leaving to go in to work...we've had many discussions about this and we both feel strongly that rough times are ahead for our country and world. Of course I don't want my husband to have to go into work on his days off (I'd have him home with me every second if I could :) but I understand his need to provide for his family and will support him in all that he decides to do.

Also, we believe the time is now for people to get out of debt and start setting something by...because harder times are coming. Whether you're a Christian or not (and I hope you are!) you can see that we are running out...of everything. Our environment, the worlds oil sources , money...ammo for goodness sake! We need to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us and prepare for those harder times. And if you are a Christian and believe that you won't be here for the worst of it, maybe your storage will be another persons blessing when that day comes. But this is a whole 'nother blog post :P~

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