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Monday, August 27, 2012

Journal of the Yurt...

Last week we stayed in a yurt at a local state park for 4 days. We can't decide if it was a rough, hotel type of stay or a very luxurious camping trip! Either way, we had a wonderful time!

 It was nice being tucked into the woods!

 Don't mind our bedding, this is one half of the yurt. We brought an extra camp cot to give a little extra sleeping room. There was electricity, lights and a ceiling fan inside the yurt.

Here's our little cooking area outside the yurt.
 Arianna, started her fire with a battery and steel wool.
 Chip, our friendly little chipmunk that must have been hand-fed before. He was very bold and came right up to us!
 Our happy kiddos right before we headed out for our hike.

 Karina, with her "larger than normal pine bough!" The pine needles were thick and long.
 Adam told me that these were "mysterious footprints" and I needed to take a picture :)
 Oldest to youngest, largest to smallest....I love them all so much!
Best buds. I absolutely love the relationship between these two. They've always been close!
 Cassidy, the fierce Indian ;)
 Cassidy, wading out to pick cattails for her Mama, isn't she sweet?!

Arianna had to get out there and take pictures of the beaver pond the cattails were in...

 Cassidy and her "muuuuuustache"
 Adam, bringing in his cattail. He wanted to cook up the tuber :)
 Even on vacataion, trucks and tractors are some of the best toys!
 The ice cream came through the campground and we had to buy some pops! We have lived in our home for 4 years, and the ice cream truck has come down our dead-end road once....it was so exciting when the kids heard the music, lol.
 Adam and his berries...
 Biggest sister and littlest sister...
 Karina, the Walrus :)
 Down to the beach for a swim...Arianna and Karina decided Cassidy had to go in the water....

 Payback stinks! :)
 Some of our friends were also camping at the same time we were there...it was fun to see them, and Adam had a lot of fun with his friends!
 Headstands in the sand...
 Daddy putting a worm on Karina's fishing pole...
 My husband caught a small mouth bass....

 Another evening, fishing off the bridge..
Adam, the fierce woodsman!

I have so many more pictures, but I had to restrain myself from putting them all on here. We had a blast on our trip to the yurt. Using primitive methods to start fires, hiking in the woods, fishing, swimming and just having fun with our family!

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Sheila J. said...

I just love the pictures! It looks like you guys had such a great time. Looking forward to seeing more of the pictures when we scrap together :)