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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Menu for the Next 2 Weeks

Since I injured my back, there have been several things that we have had to "let slide". One of those things was menu planning and a strict grocery budget. I'm not complaining...I am blessed to have a wonderful hubby that would shop and cook for our family...it's just time to take the reigns back and tighten up on things a bit. :)

Our budgeted funds for groceries is now going to be 100$ a week. This covers all food, health and beauty care, cleaning supplies, and animal feed.

This week, I'm going to try to stretch 100$ to cover two weeks of meals, so I can get some money set buy to stock up on our winter foods (potatoes, onions, apples etc.) We have a couple of things in the freezer to use up, but most of the ingredients for the meals on this list will be purchased this week.

Without further ado...

Friday- BBQ pork sandwiches, coleslaw and raw veggies.
Saturday- Make your own stuffed potatoes (bacon, sour cream, veggies, chives etc.)
Sunday- Turkey dinner with potatoes, squash, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce.
Monday- Homemade Pizza with salad.
Tuesday- Turkey pot pie.
Wednesday- Baked beans in the crockpot, cornbread, coleslaw.
Thursday- Turkey veggie soup with biscuits.
Friday-Shepherd's pie
Saturday-Grilled kielbasa, green beans, herbed potatoes.
Sunday- Roasted chicken dinner, potatoes, squash, corn, and ww rolls.
Monday-Taco beans, cornbread and salad.
Tuesday-Chicken stew over biscuits.
Wednesday-Crockpot pintos, cornbread, and coleslaw
Thursday-Baked garlic, Parmesan chicken, with potatoes and corn.

(In case you haven't noticed, our menu weeks run Friday-Thursday...I usually shop on Fridays)

Breakfasts are unplanned. Oatmeal, granola, muffins, pancakes, baked pancakes, french toast etc.

Our supper in the evening is a light meal. Sometimes we'll just slice up some fruit, veggies, cheese etc. Other times it's sandwiches or leftovers. We always have fresh, homemade bread on hand to round out a meal.

Snacks are wholesome. Popcorn, peanut butter apples or celery. Once in a while I slip in some baked goods to keep my husband happy :)

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