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Monday, June 14, 2010

Humbling Week...

This past week has been one of the most humbling I've ever had. Let me explain...

I may have mentioned that I had injured my back/hip in a fall this past winter. Well, it lingered until about 4 weeks ago when I finally went to my Dr.s. My Dr. believed that I had bruised my Bursa ( a fluid filled sack that protects your major joints.) She believed that the fall had caused inflammation in the bursa, which in turn was causing muscle spasms, which was causing sciatica...whew! My Dr. tried to get me in to see an Orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist before our Boston trip...but it wasn't meant to be.

Boston was wonderful. I tried to limp through the week without complaining etc. I wanted our children to focus on the sights they were seeing...and not on Mama's pain.

The Sunday after we returned from Boston, my wonderful Sister-In-Law graduated from nursing school. We were invited to dine at an exquisite restaurant (completely inappropriate place for kiddos...and luckily my parents were thrilled to keep them for the afternoon) to celebrate with her and her entire family. A great time was had by all and the unique foods were a treat.

While we were at the restaurant, there was a tremendous downpour that left the grounds slick and muddy.... While my hubby and I were walking to the car, I slipped in the mud. :(

One leg went one way, the other leg went in the opposite direction, and my head whipped back, giving me a mild whiplash. I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to get out of there..I wasn't too worried about the pain at that moment! lol.

My husband and I picked up our children and then swung by his parents to visit for a bit. We headed home, had a light dinner and an early bedtime for everyone.

AT 12:45PM on Sunday night, I woke up with THE most excruciating pain I have ever had. My hip, back and entire left leg were spasming. I was instantly in tears. I started limping around, trying to ease the pain. Nothing I could do helped. Standing, walking, sitting, laying on either of my sides, back or stomach...nothing.

Finally at around 4:30AM I woke my hubby and asked him to take me to the hospital. The ER Dr. gave me a shot of an anti inflammatory and sent me home. The shot took the very edge off, but I was still in severe pain. My poor husband went back to bed for a couple of hours when we got home and then had to leave for work at 2PM. Our oldest children took care of everything for me. (What a blessing they are!) I tossed and turned all day, the pain just wouldn't stop.

When my husband arrived home at 12PM that night, he decided I needed to go back to the ER. The second ER Dr. gave me 2 more shots and a couple of prescriptions and sent me back home. By this time, I was almost delusional.The pain was horrible and I had gone so long without sleep.

I was in constant prayer, asking the Lord to ease the pain if it was His will, and if it wasn't His will to take the pain, then could He please just give me the strength to deal with it.

I was finally able to get in to see the Orthopedic Dr. on Thursday. He did a quick exam and it turns out...it was not my bursa at all. I have at least one ruptured disc and some pretty severe nerve damage (he wasn't able to get any of the reflexes on my left leg to work) I have an MRI scheduled, and once we have the results to that, I'll be sent to a Neurosurgeon.

I have been on complete bed-rest...on my stomach. :P When I do walk, I have to walk with a cane because of the numbness in my leg and foot. I have medication that I need to take at specific times throughout the day. (And I have never been one to take medicine if I could help it!)

My husband and children have taken over with all of my daily chores and cooking.
And the garden... is going to be my hubby and children's domain instead of mine.

We are selling our homestead animals...the goats & ducks. While my children can handle most of the daily chores (feeding, cleaning etc) they aren't able to trim hooves, or use the herbal suppliments and wormers. This was a very sad decision, but one we had to make for the time being.

The bottom line is this. The Lord is giving me the strength day by day, to get through this, just as I asked. He has given me a wonderful husband and children that love me and are taking the best of care of me, each other, and our home. It has been a humbling week, but it's been wonderful to see how the Lord answers our prayers.

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