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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Nourishing basics!

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays our healthy eating habits were slowly getting ignored. My poor, unfortunate, sour dough starter died a tragic death due to malnutrition...the poor kefir grains and kombucha scoby's were left all alone in the fridge....our poor friends who provide us with such wonderful nutrition were being neglected! lol.

Well the holidays are over now and it's time to get back on-track. I have a new sourdough starter brewing, my scoby's are swimming in some nice warm sweet tea, and our kefir grains have been providing us with some wonderful, morning smoothies. (Though our water kefir grains were killed in a tragic accident that included a glass jar and sink.... :( lol)

I'm also back to doing my weekly raw milk run. Yummy! My family greatly appreciates that one ;)

It's time to re-focus on the basics......let's get back to the baby steps! (And anyone knew to a whole foods-nourishing traditions type of lifestyle can follow along for the first time ;)

So the goal for this week is to get some live cultures going in your kitchen.

The easiest to start is a sourdough starter. It's sooo simple...mix one cup of flour to one cup of water in a glass or earthen bowl (you can use food-grade plastics though I try to avoid them when possible.) Stir and cover loosely until the following day. You do this each day for the first week, and by the 8th day you should have a healthy starter ;)

Good luck! :)


prayzgod said...

I had a busy fermenting day today. I made two loaves of Ezekiel sourdough bread, and two loaves of whole wheat sourdough bread. I started a fresh batch of buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, and cream cheese and whey. Then, I started lacto-fermenting a double batch of sauerkraut and pickles.

I'b beat! :-)

Homesteading Dream said...

That's wonderful Candy! I just started some buttermilk too ;)