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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Insanity in the Stores....

I started our Christmas shopping online quite a while ago and for the most part was done. There were just a few "little" things lingering and I must confess....I procrastinated :P Well, today was the day to pay the piper and go to the stores.

What a mob scene!!! I ended up going to 4 different stores and most of them had lines 20+ people deep. I managed to get most of what we needed, but in that hustle and bustle the Lord really spoke to me. Not only is Christmas a time to celebrate our Saviors birth, but it's also a time to reach out to others. So many of these people were irritated, cutting each other off, and just being overall nasty. But we don't need to be....

We need to see people the way Jesus sees them.... and maybe they'll see Him through us. Say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays". Let someone go before you in line or maybe let them take that parking spot you were waiting for. Hold the door for someone....or maybe help an elderly person or Mama juggling children to their car. Buy a cup of hot chocolate for that bell ringer at the store....the list just goes on! We have so many opportunities as Christians to show others His love...let's take those special moments this Christmas.

AND through this, we're teaching our children how to be kind to others...especially in difficult situations!

Throw a pocket sized Bible in your purse or pocket....what a blessing to be able to pull it out while waiting in those long lines ;)

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Kim said...


I enjoy your blog and have it listed as one I follow on my blog "Little Homestead in the Village".
How wonderful that you have raised your children to. love the Lord.
God Bless You.