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Friday, August 28, 2009

Updates and New Additions...

Wow, has it been a week! :P I haven't had the time to do much posting and just wanted to give a quick update :)

~We started school on Monday! We've had an excellent school week and have greatly enjoyed the Prairie Primer unit studies. We've also enjoyed the Bible Study for All Ages curriculum (notice the we?? Yup..even Mama!0

~ The parents of our home school group got together and were able to plan out this years activities..by the grace of God, we were able to get the entire school year planned! This was amidst much laughter and side conversations...what an awesome group of Christian folks...the fellowship was so sweet :)

~New additions...We adopted 2 kittens! Amari is Siamese and Niki is all white with a tiny gray smudge on her head...such fun having kittens in the house :)

~More new additions...we just received 17 chicks this morning! I wasn't sure if they would survive the shipping and didn't want to get out children's hopes raised...what an awesome surprise it was for them to see chickies when they woke up ;)

~I've been playing with a couple bread recipes...rye and egg breads..I'll post recipes once I'm happy with them :)

~Wrapping up the garden for the year has been so bittersweet. I really enjoyed working in the garden this summer...and even more when we were eating the yummy food. I'm happy to have more time to devote to other tasks though. I already have lots of plans for our next garden and will write more here when I post about the gardening section of my Homesteading Journal.

~And last but not least, we had pipes burst in our kitchen...which led to flooded cabinets and floors :P It's been a wild couple of days!

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting about:

~Some new frugal, nutritious recipes.
~Grocery shopping and menu planning. (I'll be sharing my weekly menu's and corresponding grocery lists.)
~My Homesteading Journal (each section will probably get it's own post.)
~My cast iron collection, and the care and restoration of cast iron pieces.
~Prairie Primer projects, activities and recipes we are trying.
~Current sewing projects and re-purposing and recycling fabrics.

And the list goes on! :P

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