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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kombucha...a wonderful gift!

If you've never heard of Kombucha...let me just fill you in! Here is a link to some basic info on kombucha, but bottom line, there are sooo many health benefits. I drink kombucha tea (or k-tea) for several reasons....

-metabolism, appetite control, weight-loss


-liver function, detoxification

-immune system booster

-sleep better

-much less painful menstrual cramps

to name a few.

It's so simple to make, inexpensive and it tastes good (kind of like sparkling cider) All you need is plain old black tea and white sugar! Now we don't usually use white sugar in our home, but the kombucha seems to like it best so I do buy it just for this.

Though it's often referred to as a mushroom, kombucha is actually grown with something called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and with each brew, a new scoby is "born". You can keep these babies or give them away to friends and family (which I've been doing a lot lately!) Then each of those babies will produce new scoby's that can be passed on! So it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only giving continual health benefits, but giving new cultures to be passed on. How cool is that!

Now, I am by no means a doctor and kombucha tea is potent stuff....it may not be for everyone. I urge you to take the time and do the research (the internet is a wealth of knowledge.) There are so many testimonies out there of kombucha curing ailments from cancer to eczema.....but you know your own body and it's conditions. You are the best judge as to what will benefit your families health. Personally, I plan on this being part of our daily healthcare regiment from now on!

The next time I make it (Tuesday) I'll try to take pictures of the process to share with all of you.

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